My brave little boy

THEN (3 weeks after the accident) NOW

April 17, 2005 is a day that I will never forget. An oven accident burned my little boy together with his grandma. I was at the store working at that time when I heard a loud explosion. I didn't bother to check it out because I was busy when I heard our maid scream, calling me "Ate! si Joey!"

My heart raced when I remembered my son and my nephew (David) playing in the back. I rushed to get there and saw Joey. He was already crying and my heart sank when I saw him... his face, ears, neck and arms were burned. All I thought of at that time was to wash him with water first before bringing them (joey and my mom) to the hospital to wash away the dirt from the affected areas, (which turned out to be a good idea since it will stop the skin from burning further).

We rushed them to St. Luke's Hospital where they were given the necessary treatments for burn patients. Both of them suffered from 2nd and 3rd degree burns. The skin damage is not that bad, the doctor told us, but looking at them my heart melts. His ate couldn't even bear looking at him. It was alright while we still at the hospital because they were given pain killers and Joey didn't feel any pain.

It was when we were released from the hospital that the real trial began. Taking a bath is a suffering because every time the water touches his body, he cries out in pain and curses the maid who blew up the oven. I felt so helpless that I cannot do anything to ease out his pain. Every time we enter the shower, I pray hard that he won't feel much pain while bathing. I asked him to pray with me while I bathe him, telling him that this would be a better way to take away the pain rather than blaming the maid for what happened. And this we did for weeks.

Dressing him up is also a burden for him, he can't even fold his arms so what I did was cut the other side of his 'sando' and just clip it with a safety pin. Sleeping is difficult, too. My husband and I took turns watching him all the time to make sure that he won't scratch his wounds, so he won't get scars when the wounds heal.

Joey doesn't like eating meat very much, he would rather eat veggies and fish. But the doctor advised him to have a high protein diet so he can regain all the minerals he had lost. He followed this diet obediently. I had to feed him and have him drink from a straw because his lips were burned too. It was an ordeal we had to suffer for 4 weeks.

He was emotionally affected too, whenever we go out of the house for his weekly check-ups he would hide behind me and hold my hand really tight. Very much afraid of what other people would say when they look at him. Deep inside, I wanted to cry but of course, I can't show him that. I have to be brave for him. I have always assured him that it's alright, it's not his fault and nobody wants to be in this situation. Slowly he realized that, after a few weeks he gained back his confidence.

The wounds have healed however, there are some scars on his face but they're barely noticeable. This experience taught my family so much. We've been closer and learned to enjoy and appreciate things as blessings.


mschumey07 said...

Brave nga talaga.

ann said...

Hello Liza! Paano nangyari sa stove? Bakit sya face nya napunta yung apoy?

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