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My sister-in-law asked me to make this cross stitch project last year. Persuading me to join the DMC unframed category contest which was held October of last year. It was one of the entries under her store (Stitcher's Nook). I excitedly agreed with her because it's been a while since my last project. And I have to admit I missed cross stitching.

She provided me with all the materials I will be needing. I'm not a fast stitcher, usually a project of that size would take me at least 6 to 8 months to finish. With barely 4 months and not much time to devote to the project because of my store, (that I have to attend to at least 10 hours everyday) I was kind of hesitant at first. But what the heck, I love cross stitching and I missed it so much that I gladly accepted it, even if it meant a few hours of sleep for 3 months.

With lots of hard work and time spent, I finished the project in time for the competition. I didn't make it to the finals though, but I'm happy that the project turned out really nice. I don't know if we (my sister-in-law) were just sour-graping and griping over (ha-ha-ha) the results when we went to the exhibit in Mega Mall, but when we saw the finalists, I know my project was far too good. I think the judges based their judging on the designs not on the work. I could have a been a finalist if not a winner. I could say though, that the top 3 winners were excellent.

I used to be a cross stitch nut and sew a lot in the past. I used to bring my projects everywhere I went, even during my bowling tournaments while waiting for my squad. I give them as gifts to friends and relatives. I made wedding announcements for my friends, bookmarks for my kids' teachers during Christmas and simple embroideries for my friends and family to hang on their walls. Cross stitching surely requires a lot of time, but it relaxes me and gives me enough time to ponder on things while I sew.

Here's another project I did 11 years ago. It's a painting by Jose Blanco and it won 3rd prize in a "Likhang Karayom" competition here in the Philippines. I did this while I was pregnant with my 2nd child, Joey.

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