Video conferencing need not be expensive

Telecoms used to have a monopoly on video conferences. They dictate the costs and charges. Communications need not be impersonal or financially restrictive. Traveling just to meet clients entails huge expenses which burdens the company adding to the cost of whatever project or transaction you are undertaking.

Now that video conferencing is readily available online companies have more options to choose which provider could best address its budget. At present, IT companies have developed browser based video conferencing with a multitude of options and packages which could fit whatever size a company is, from individual to small companies and large organizations.

Cost for packages are highly negligible, imagine doing away with costly long distance calls, VOIPs and even doing away with travel. Negotiations can now be done with expediency. Conversations would be more personal which is often a plus factor when closing deals. With a browser based program which works on all operating systems video conferencing will now just be a click away.

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