All Saints Day

November 1 is a national holiday in the Philippines. This is the time to visit and remember our loved ones who passed away. However, Filipinos celebrate it in a fiesta like holiday rather than merely honoring the dead. To others, it's more like a reunion because you get to see your relatives. People bring food, put up tents, offer flowers and light candles. Others even stay overnight.

This is the church near my grandmother's graveyard. When I was younger, we used to put up a tent and bring lots of food for the whole family. But, things have changed now since most of my relatives are in Japan and the US. For the past 3 years, we just brought flowers, lighted candles and uttered prayers for her. Well... I do miss those times.

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Max said...

Hey Liza,

I hope you had a nice Halloween season :)!

Thanks for adding my link to your sidebar; I shall do the same :) (may take some time, but when you least expect, you'll see your blog link there *smile*)!

That is a nice church! So, your family is mostly in Japan and US, ey? Do you miss them?


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