Awarded Again

A dear friend, Sasha gave me this award. Thank you so much for being a friend to me also. Things like this really make my day. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help and advice on my money making ventures. ;)

I would like to pass it on also to my other friends;

Florence, also a new blogger like me. We have a lot of things in common and agree on most of the things around us.

Melai, like Sasha who doesn't get tired of visiting my blog and reading my posts.

Ann, also a mom who loves to share things about her kids and family.

Rems, like Sasha, very supportive and a frequent visitor, too.

Emmyrose, her great courage and strength inspires me.

and lastly,

Max, a blogger friend who writes very interesting articles and loves reading my jokes :)

Thank you so much guys for being my friends... you all deserve this award.


manilenya said...

ate liza mayroon na akong ganitong tag noon pa pero okay lang, isip ako ng bago about me :) ilagay ko na rin yung links ng mga previous tag ko na may kaparehong topic :) para malaman mo hindi lang yung 8 bagay tungkol sa kin :)

thanks for tagging :)

Max said...


Congratulations!!!! This is such a cute award: I loved it *tender face*!

Thank you for sharing it with *bowing*! So kind...

lol You bet: I love reading your jokes (they are classy)! :-D

I'll post it this coming weekend!


sasha said...

I am glad you like the award, tita. Saka sa bowling, cge ha hehehehe

Happy Friday po! :)

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