My Other Love

Aside from my family and blogging, bowling is my other passion. It started when my brother came home from Japan. He actually influenced the whole clan (lol) into ten-pin bowling. We were then bowling for fun. I remember... we used to meet on Fridays and bowl girls versus boys. The girls won most of the time.

A few months later, we decided to join the Friday league. As we were beginners and have no real training on bowling, we were throwing straight balls and didn't even have our own bowling balls. We were amazed by how the other bowlers throw their balls, some have small hooks and others have big hooks ( we call them crankers). And beginners that we are, we were always at the bottom come awarding time, even if we had maximum handicaps. :)

Stu, whom we've met from the league (later on became a very good friend and the godfather of my son), volunteered to train us (me, my husband, my brother and sister-in-law) for free. He patiently taught us the basics in bowling.

The training paid off and the whole family became addicted to the sport. We were in a league three times a week and even joined open tournaments. I remember one time... I even played 24 games in one day just to qualify for the finals of an international open bowling tournament. On the last squad I made it to the finals but my fingers were so sore that I didn't get to play well for the finals the next day. I vowed never to do that again. Lol.

In a very short time I was upgraded from class B to class A and became more addicted to it. I've won in tournaments and collected lots of trophies and medals. And even traveled to other Asian countries to compete for the Asian Intercity Tournaments. It was fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

I gained a lot of friends, some of them became my very good friends and a few became my 'enemies'. Sad to say, even in this sport politics is very much alive. It was then that I decided to slow down on bowling. I couldn't stand the intrigues and envy of my so-called enemies.

At present, I bowl once a week and still retains my average of 182. The league is not as competitive as the ones I've played before, but now I play for real fun and I play with real friends.

My "Blaze", is my favorite. It's 15.2 lbs, pin out, polished reactive ball and manufactured by Storm. This ball game me a high game of 272 and a four-game series of 868. My best games ever.

These are the three bowling balls that I regularly bring. The blue one in the middle weighs 15.2 lbs also. It's a dull finished reactive ball and made by Columbia. Ronnie, my dear friend, gave it to me, used but still very powerful. This is my ball #1 usually used on fast or oily lanes. The red one at the bottom is my Blaze. It's ball #2 and used on medium lanes. The one at the top, the silver ball is made of plastic, it doesn't hook much and very ideal for sparing.


sasha said...

Wow! Bowler ka pala, tita! Ako laging kanal ang tira... Hahahaha... Kahit anong gawin ko nakaka-2 lang ako paminsan hehehe

By the way, tita, I have an award for you :)

Happy rainy day to you!

goldengoddess said...

Awesome, what an impressive bowler! My children and I used to bowl years ago and I even managed to bowl a 207 which was my highest game ever. I'd love to do it again but the price has gone up so much that it just doesn't fit my budget any longer. Fortunate for us, we found out that several businesses around town give out their business cards for a free game of bowling on them. So the kids have been a couple of times with their friends and I have some saved for a date with my boyfriend. :)

Nick Phillips said...

I used to bowl quite regularly quite sometime ago but don't anymore cos all my bowling buddies decided to stop bowling... sad but true.

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