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I have been blogging for a little over a month now. Actually, I decided to create my blog to earn money from it. I've heard from a few friends that you can actually earn from it. And as soon as I've created moms..... check nyo, I started signing up with almost all the money making sites I could find in the net.

My blog has gone through a lot of rejections (hehe) due to the following reasons; my blog has to be 3 months old to get approved and my blog ranking is still very low. I knew I had to think of ways to pull up my ranking so, I joined several memes so that I could generate more viewers for my blog. I have to admit, the memes helped a lot and I enjoyed posting for them. My family is into this also... helping me think and taking a lot of pictures for the theme of the week.

After only a few weeks, I got approvals from bl*gvertise and bl*ggerwave. I have posted several articles for them and the pay out is still not that 'big', but that's enough good news for me :) . However, two new friends; Sasha and Rems commented, telling me that bl*ggerwave has the reputation of forgetting their advertisers come payment time. :(

I never thought I'd be hooked up. And the real fun is meeting new friends from around the globe. My blog is my new baby. Although I only have "few" sponsors, I'm sure in the future I'll have more ;).

Now I'm not just idle in my free hours... I'm writing and earning... and blogging is really worth my while. :)


thess said...

Hi Liza! I am doing sponsored posts too so may I welcome you to the club?

WELCOME *wink*

regarding bloggerwave, yeah I also heard a lot of complains about them not getting their earnings. Fortunately, I always get mine. I don't know why but I really do..that's why I keep on taking opps from them. Only bloggerwave lacks the tech system that the others have. But I hope u get your payment, you deserve it.

Yes, traffic is what you need. I will add you on all my 3 blogs list.

Good luck Liza, and have fun blogging!!

Bloggers said...

i have never had any prob with bloggerwave , been paid everytime, just not alot of things to do over there. the best one i like is blogsvertise

the teach said...

Hang in will begin to make some money!

sasha said...

Unfortunately, Bloggerwave do pay some people on time while they forget the others. A friend of mine even had to threaten them before they paid her the $80 due her. Ewan ko ba kung bakit ganyan sila...

Tita, you will earn more from Sponsored Reviews. You go and apply now. Yung blog kong 1 had only 2 posts and is newly opened talaga. I applied it agad and ayun, may 3 accepted bids na ako :) I will email you some more money making programs I am a member of.

Happy Sunday po sa buong family!

Natalie said...

Bloggerwave changed my password on me, I didn't ask them to. When they did that it knocked my blog off their system and I never got my money. Pay Per Post is worth it, but you do have to wait for your blog to be 90 days old or something like that. is good too, but I've only been able to do 5 opps since I started with them, so it's slim pickins. PayU2Blog is my favorite, but it's super dead sometimes while other time you get so many assignments it's awesome.

Good luck!

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