My First Award in Blogging

What a wonderful way to start my Monday. Yesterday Max granted me this award...

Thank you so much Max. This is my first award since I started blogging. And I'm sorry if I posted it a day later.

You deserve it, too! I would also like to share this award to Nancy, Yen, Emmyrose and Rems.


Nancy said...

it's ok mommy liz.i enjoyed doing it.i seldom write articles about my personal life and have it posted sa blog.

thank you dito sa award..i'm starting to make a collection of it na.hehe

nga pala,ngayong araw na ang confinement ko sa hospital..medyo ilang days or weeks din akong mawawala. I'm gonna miss you all.I hope to hear from you again soon.Thank you for being my constant visitor.Ingat po kayo...

Hugs and kisses for your chikitings from me..:-)

ghee said...

congratulations to your award and thank you for the comment,Liza :)
youve been to japan pala :)

good morning!

Choc Mint Girl @ Crystal said...

Congrats!! :)

thess said...

Congrats Liza...and also for the new theme, this is nice :)

jennyr said...

always nice to receive awards! btw, thanks for replying! I added you na...and hope you can link me up! Thanks again!

Max said...


You are most welcome: you deserved it :)!

No need to apologise, I don't post my awards on the same day they're granted to me, only during weekends :). So, you post whenever it feels confy :)

Cheers and congrats :)

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