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Here's another interesting meme. Max has tagged me for the things that annoyed me the most. And here's what I got to say...

1. Disorganization - Ditto with Max. It pisses me when things are out of place, especially when I've just done cleaning and organizing things.

2. People with sharp tongues - It annoys me when I hear people commenting or saying bad things about other people. As my mom always say... " If you have nothing better to say, keep quiet."

3. Traffic - If you don't know, the traffic here in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila is terrible. Usually a 10 minute drive will take you about an hour or so.

4. Tardiness - It's really annoying when you have to wait for someone for "10 years" ( my term for latecomers... lol).

5. Not minding their own business - I hate it when people meddle in my affairs, telling me to do this and that. Unsolicited advices annoy me, however, good advices are always welcome.

There you go Max... I hope you're starting to get to know me a little better. I learned a lot from you, too.

Everyone is welcome to join this tag, but I'd like to make special mentions... I'd like to hear from Florence, Sasha, Melai, Ann, Anne, Nancy, Emmyrose, Xixi, Yen and Rems.


Max said...

Hey Liza,

Thanks for participating :)!

I agree with you on everything you said (except traffic which doesn't annoy me that much)!

You have been awarded:



Xixi said...

Hi Liza! Thank you for tagging me. I would love to do this meme and I will be posting it soon.

Have a nice day!

RE Matt, yes he is my ex boyfriend, the father of my child :)

Kelly Mahoney said...

I got in a car accident recently and now I cannot stand traffic. It just makes me nervous and fidgety.

mschumey07 said...

Aba, may award ka na. Kudos to you for making blogging an interesting experience.

Choc Mint Girl @ Crystal said...

Hi, Liza! I've visited Metro Manila before, and the traffic was indeed terrible!!

BirdieRoark said...

I so completely agree with you on the tardiness issue. Drives me nuts when people are late - especially if the person doesn't have a good reason. lol

ann said...

So mainipin ka pala, inis ka sa traffic at late eh. Basta wag ka maiinis sa mga late magsagot ng tag ha? Dami ko na utang syo...hehehe.

Ann said...

Hey Liza, Those were fun to read. Thank you for thinking of me! I will try and catch up with this soon. It seems like a fun meme. :))


Emmyrose said...

Hi Liza,

Just finished with the tag.. btw, would you mind if link mo rin ung isa ko pang blog?

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