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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Black Nazarene in Quiapo

The feast of the Black Nazarene is held every 9th of January. The original image remains inside the Basilica of Quiapo while the replica is being processioned around the city of Manila. Hundreds of thousands of devotees gather at the basilica on the eve of the feast day. Many of them come from the different provinces.

The image, which originally came from Mexico is believed to be miraculous and cures diseases. My mom once told me a story about her friend's ailing mother. Upon the request the friend's family, the hand of the original Black Nazarene was flown to their province. His mother held the hand of the image and prayed. The next day, his mom was able to get up. It appeared as though she did not get sick. The hand of the miraculous image was returned to the basilica the next morning.

A large percentage of Filipinos are devoted catholics and truly believe in the healing power of the Black Nazarene. Tomorrow, January 9, 2008 the bare-footed devotees wearing maroon will once again gather outside the basilica of Quiapo, hoping to get close and kiss and touch the image and perhaps receive a miracle.


Amel's Realm said...

This is VERY interesting info. I never knew about this. Praise God for miraculous healing! :-))))

And wish your sister LUCK in making money by selling cross stitch and embroidery!!! :-D

GBex said...

wowww--bukas ay tiyak nasa Quiapo na ako--para manalangin at kumuha ng photos na din nyeheheheheheeh...

Chris said...

i believe in miracles...i have to otherwise life would b meaningless

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