My Dream Gadget

Crystal tagged me on this hi-tech meme. My dream gadget is similar to hers. I'd like to have a laptop too. A small one that I can bring anywhere so I can work on my blogs when I am not at home ;) This is what exactly I am dreaming of
It's a real beauty, isn't it? Tagging Ivy, Joy and Zhoewynz.


ellenheartbeats said...

hi liza!...same here...alam mo ba na i keep on looking sa mga laptop kapag nagpupunta kmi ng mall...gusto ko rin yung super petit lang para naman hindi bulky na bitbit...kaya lang hindi pa kaya ng budyet rather wait for the right time nalang....
kmusta na sis? ingat hah!

Rebecca said...

I am an Apple MAC fan as well. =)

Juliana RW said...

Me too...laptop ^___^

I have something for you in here

Have a nice weekend

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