Two Tags...

Max invited me to participate in this tag. We have to present 12 words that mean something to us, and explain why:

1. GOD - He is Almighty and gave us His only son.
2. FAMILY - They are my inspiration.
3. LIFE - is a journey.
4. FRIENDSHIP - Friends make my life meaningful.
5. BOWLING - My only exercise.
6. MUSIC - relaxes me.
7. PETS - Not just another routine.
8. CROSS STITCH - Gives me time to ponder on things.
9. BOOKS - Releases my imagination.
10. KITCHEN - My favorite area in the house.
11. COFFEE - My comfort drink.
12. BLOGGING - A fantastic way to meet new friends.

Tagging Julie, Putri and Melanie.


Melanie said...

What a great tag. Thanks for picking me to play along.

Max said...

Hello Liza,

12 wonderful words: I loved reading them :D!

Thanks so much for having participated: you are a darling!


The Wifey Diaries said...

HI! Thanks for dropping by my site. Care to ex-links?

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

we have a lot in common here.

aL|e said...

i love reading the tag! :) have a nice day!

Maya said...

Yes,Blogging is a fantastic way to meet new people.
I agree so much,One reason i do blog now is meeting the likes of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi liza, I have a tag for you. Hope you can do it. thanks.

Cielo said...

Through BLOGGING, I met my new friends whom I consider as "MY FRIENDS FROM A DISTANCE"

Thx for dropping by at my blog, I ahve already added u in my blogroll, hope that u can add me up also in your list.

"Let us start a wonderful blogging friendship :)"

Anonymous said...

Hi, Liza, sorry for late reply and thx 4 the tag. Don't have chance yet to do it. But I will let you know when it's up. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Tag is up now.

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