What is your favorite animal?

I read in one article that one person's pet can give you a clue of his personality. You can tell by his pet or his favorite animal what kind of a person he is. Read on and find out what kind of a person you are.

HORSE. You are unique and imaginative. Horse lovers are very sensitive persons and very close to nature. And because the horse symbolizes freedom, they are care-free.

BEAR. If bear is your favorite animal and you like collecting bear stuffed toys, you are a strong-willed person and can face any obstacle that comes his way.

DOG. A dog is a man's best friend and dog-lovers value true friendship. They are honest and caring persons.

CAT. The cat symbolizes power and charisma. These make it easier for you to charm others.

MONKEY. You're a party animal. You are very curious, animated and loves to experiment on things. You cannot stay at one place for a long time and like all monkeys, you are a natural-born performer.

ELEPHANT. This animal is slow and is not careful but is very strong. You are strong-willed and has the ability to win every battle.

TIGER. The tiger always aim for the gold. You are very ambitious, a master strategist and very confident. Like the tiger, you aim high and takes advantage of good opportunities quickly.

GIRAFFE. You have the ability to solve problems easily and you don't let anyone get in your way.

I am a dog-lover and it's true that I am a very friendly person. I love making friends and my friends are treasured. What about you? What is your favorite animal?


sasha said...

I love both cats and dogs, tita. Weird ko yata :D

Sasha says...

Hazel said...

hi, first time here. u have a nice blog

Maya said...

i have a dog named Sally.Do value friendship so much.

HappyMum said...

we have a cat and Mcj and Jens love him soo much. :)

btw, you're tagged sis. Tatapilla

sendzki said...

picked dog...haha it tells quite a bit of me. I never let go of bonds

irish said...

i love to have birds and fish, but its not on the list. hahaha:) i don't like any of the pets listed, specially the tiger. hrrr:)

barb michelen said...

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onyxx said...

aside from dogs, i happen to like dolphins and wolves -- not as pets of course (i'd prefer to see them wild and 'untamed'). i wonder what this makes me :)

Nelle said...

this is a very nice post. hehe
I have 2 shih tzu and I love them so dearly. I also like to have a tiger cub which I think is impossible.

have a nice day!

levian said...

this is fun !! i hope it's alright for me to use it in my blog. i'll specify clearly that it is from you. :)

Max said...

Hey again,

I am a dog person! I just love dogs and I have had a lot of them too!
It is true that I value true friendships and that I am caring :D!


decon said...

Hi .. nice to meet u ..
my fav is CAT .. especially persian cat .. :)

Chikai said...

same here liz.. i'm also a dog lover. ;)


levian said...

here is the link: "what's your family animal". thanks so much for sharing the interesting post !! :D

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