A Great Place for Search

There are millions and millions of facts and information stored in Google and Yahoo. Looking for a specific person could take some of your precious time. Spock.com - A Great Place for Search is a new search engine specifically created for searching people. It performs a very unique function because it personalizes your search. Now it so easy to find anyone on the internet.

Spock was launched into private beta in April 2007, and because it is so functional, it has received awards and acclaims from technology luminaries. It was also cited as one of the Top 25 Web Sites to watch in 2007. With Spock, you can be assured that you are only connecting to trusted contacts. You also have the option to add and edit your information so the people searching for you can find easily. In addition, you may upload photos and provide other important information.

Spock gathers their information on each person by getting information on biography pages, social networks, news sites, blogs, and directories. Every place imaginable on the internet, they search. These data are then compiled for that person, so when people search for them they get specific results.

If you have been dying to look for a friend or relative you've lost in touch with for a long time, try spock, you might just find him there.

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