The Healing Fat

Olive Oil according to Wikipedia is a fruit oil obtained from the olive. It is commonly used in cooking, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, soaps and as a fuel to traditional oil lamps.Olive is healthier than other sources of alimentary fat because of its high content of monounsaturated fat (mainly oleic acid) and polyphenols.
According to some studies, people who consume three tablespoons of olive oil each day for two weeks effectively lowered their guanine level by 13%. Guanine is a substance found in our urine which according to DNA may cause cancer. Moreover, the monounsaturated fats found in olive oil will give our bodies protection from cancer.
EVOO (as Rachel Ray fondly calls it) or Extra Virgin Olive Oil is from the first pressing of olives, and because it is pure, it contains higher levels of antioxidants and is a very good source of Vitamin E.
Olive Oil is definitely one of the “good oils” and is often called the “healing fat”. There are four types of Olive Oil namely: the EVOO which is considered the best and least processed; the VIRGIN from the second pressing; the PURE which undergoes some processing such as filtering and refining; and lastly, the EXTRA LIGHT which undergoes considerable processing and only retains a very mild flavor.
And did you know that Olive Oil does not only protect our bodies from cancer and heart disease? If you take a sip of Olive Oil before going to bed, the oil will lubricate your throat muscles and stop you from snoring. It also stops throat tickles. A sip of the oil will stop the itchy flicker that is making you cough.
Olive oil specifically Extra Virgin Olive Oil is quite expensive here in the Philippines but considering the benefits that we get from it it’s worth it.
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aor said...

True, olive oil has health benefits. Whenever I was in cold countries during winter times, I took up a teaspoon of olive oil to relieve myself of some stomach problems as it was advised to me by a Spanish friend... Hope you are enjoying a happy and olive day ...

From the Eyes of my Heart said...

EVOO is also great for low calorie salad dressings. When I've finally gathered the determination to be a vegetarian i'll buy lots of this. Kahit ang mahal!


here in spain we all used olive oil. You can taste the difference. In everyday cooking, in salad, in making pan con tomaquet: typical food here.Yummy. I really like this. Olive oil is super expensive in pinas.kya pag uwi namin nextime.hopefully we could bring some for my family. We used to send olive oil as a gift to my US friends.

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