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Trying to find a long lost friend in the internet? Try, you can find everyone you know on the internet here. It is the leading people search engine on the net and Spock allows you to connect with trusted contacts and permits you to search within their network to find old friends and relatives. Plus, you can make new acquaintances as well. What's best about this network is you can add and modify your information so people searching for you at Spock can find you easily. Every place imaginable on the internet, Spock will search for you. By signing up, you can add tags, photos and your web link making it easier for people to find you.

Registration at Spock- the best for people search is absolutely FREE. Searching for people is so easy too. You simply type the name of the person, the email address, location and tag and Spock will do the job for you. You can even search for famous people and celebrities. If you want to know more about Spock or you have been invited to join by your friends, don't hesitate to try it. Who knows, you might find an old friend you have looking for for years.

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wboster said...

I've tried spock and had limited results, but it is worth a try. I've had better luck searching public records online.

Online Public Records

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