Rose is Red

From the bottom of
my heart I wanna say thank you

Virginia for this beautiful
red rose award.
You made my day!

Red rose has number of thorns in it
when it pint your finger it hurts
Everyday in my life is just like red roses.
Sometimes life is not always bed of roses.
But life is great with God.

Now, it's my turn to share this red rose.
I am awarding the following persons

Lady Banana
Mommy Allehs

Thank you my dear friends.
You are awarded with great appreciation.
See you around here as often
God Bless You!


LadyBanana said...

Thank you so much Liza, it's beautiful :)

Max said...


This is so cute!! Thank you so much for sharing it with me *bowing*! :D

You are a good friend and a true rose :)!

I loved it!!!


nona said...

sis, from the bottom of my heart too...SALAMAT! *hug* for you :)
you're really a sweet friend.

Maya said...

Thank you so much,Liza. You've given me so much.Super swerte ko talaga to know you.

Juliana RW said...

wow...thanks a lot Liza :D

happyproudmommy said...

Thanks a lot, this rose is so beautiful. *hugs* ur so sweet...

nisha said...

Congrats liza, your a deserving blogger:).. Ive added your link to my blogroll too:)

jana said...

hi liz i drop card too, but until now diko pa naintindihan ang etcard, anyway thx for dropin cards on my site, hav a smiley day

Joan said...

I love the poem that comes with this post...

the donG said...

i can't make poems... good for you. nice one here and i simply agree "life is great with God".

Anonymous said...

Hi Liza,

The tag you gave me is up (finally), and I gave you a tag also. he he. Hope it's okay.

BTW, can you please change my link in your blogroll to reflect my new domain?


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