The Rose

To the most wonderful man I married who's celebrating his natal day today, this is for you...

A rose is a rose
and will always be a rose
but, the theory
now goes
that the apple
is a rose,
the plum is,
and so is the pear
i suppose.
The dear only knows
what would next
prove a rose
You, of course
are a rose
will always be
a rose.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!


Juliana RW said...

Hi Liza,

Happy birthday for your hubby...

I am tagging you, simple pink heart tag

Have a nice weekend.

LadyBanana said...

I've not heard that before for birthday, the word natal Day!

She said...

Happy birthday kay tatay!!! :D

autumn said...

that is so sweet. nice poem and happy bday to him. =]

btw, thanks for dropping by to my site. you got an awesome site, too. ^^

jennyr said...

aw! this is such a sweet poem!

exinco said...

hi, nice poem of roses, you have a talent

Maya said...

Wow, that it so sweet.
He is luck to have you.
Happy Brithday to him.

dru said...

huwaaaaa...very touching and inspiring mam... happy birthday to your husband.. ^_^

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