Cloudy Juice

The next time you buy apple juice for your family, pick the cloudy, unclarified variety. According to some studies, it has four times the concentration of anticancer polyphenols as the clear juice most people drink. It is packed with more antioxidants because unlike the clear ones, it did not undergo additional processing. It is clear that the cloudy one is healthier for you and your family. What's good about the clear ones... they have a longer shelf life.


The Healthy Mom said...

That is a great point! I will remember that next time I shop for juice. Thank you for sharing.

Cascia @ Healthy Moms

Tom said...

Thanks for the information. Will check it the next time we shop.

RickaVieves said...

nice reviews sis :-) you are right!

passing by :-)

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levian said...

wow i had been drinking clear one for quite a long time. maybe it's time to change to cloudy ones. my my .. thanks for the information !! :)

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