Zookoda for Bloggers

There is a new email marketing application specifically designed for bloggers and it is called Zookoda. First, let me explain to you what it is all about. This application allows you to send daily, weekly or even monthly updates of your blogs directly to your subscribers. I know this may sound ordinary to you guys and I am sure you already have this kind of application on your sites.

What is so different about Zookoda is it enables you to manage your email newsletter subscribers, enhance your blog with custom newsletter subscription forms, design eye-catching newsletters to match your blog designs, view real-time reports to keep you informed of email success and visitor habits, plus, you get updates via your mobile phone or pda. Zookoda is not meant to replace your rss or atom feeds, it is an alternative, it is spam complaint and it is FREE. This is just so fantastic!

Sign up for Zookoda and attract visitors back to your site. It is a great way to let them know that you have a new post and it is time for them to go back and check it. Promote your blog by building and creating subscriptions, Zookoda have made it really easy for your regular readers. Your subscribers will be updated with what is happening with you. Not yet convinced? Visit the web site and see what I am talking about. As for me, I will not let go of this FREE opportunity, I am going to sign up now.

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Jerla Oh lalala said...

hi just paying a visit here tc

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