A Thankful Mom

I am sorry if I am getting back to your comments and entrecard drops only now. So many things have happened yesterday and when I finally found time to blog, I had to catch up on all my dues. I've had a long day yesterday, and last night I had the fright of my life.

I was tending the store when a cab pulled over in front. I wasn't minding it at all because I was busy. When the door opened I saw Gian [my daughter's bestfriend], she was so pale and she looked so scared. She then waved at me and told me that Mai [my daughter] fainted. My heart started pounding so hard and called on to my husband for help. He got her out of the cab and gave her first aid. A few minutes later, she woke up. She looked pale and very weak, but I knew she's alright.

It was a heat stroke. The heat was terrible yesterday and she doesn't like drinking water. i have always been reminding my kids to drink water, lots of it. But, she'd rather have a soda than to drink water. Now she learned her lesson. Sometimes, you really have to laern things the hard way. I am just so thankful that she wasn't alone when it happened, Gi was there. It is so disappointing though that nobody even bothered to help them when Mai fainted. [sigh]


WhoIsMarc? said...

sad to hear that but it's all good that now your daughter is safe and sound :) thank God she's alright and yeah, mother knows best ^_^

i miss my mom :(

maline said...

Super init naman kasi talaga! good thing she's ok now and she has a friend with when she fainted. Yup, we should always drink lots of water so a bottled water in her bag will always be handy. That's one thing i need to do, too!

And of course, the umbrella! before di ako nagumbrella, just my sunglasses, but with this heat, grabe, can't leave the house without it.
Ingat lagi!

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