Black Friday Shopping

It was only last year that I came upon Black Friday, I did not have the slightest idea what it was when my sister and cousin who are based in the US told me about it. I thought it was just one of their holidays. They told to me that black friday is the day after Thanksgiving where it marks the beginning of the traditional Christmas shopping season. It is not an official holiday but some employers give the day off to increase the number of potential shoppers. People take time to shop on this day.

Both of them did their Christmas shopping at the black friday web site and took advantage of the discounts, coupons and free stuffs they offer. I checked out the website and saw that they have a lot to offer like clothes, shoes, toys, gadgets, appliances, cosmetics and jewelries to name a few. They asked the kids to choose what they want for Christmas from their long list of available items and bought the items there. The items they have there are a lot cheaper compared to the ones in the department store. Having very little time for shopping because of their busy schedule, they saved a lot of time and money shopping online.

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spandex said...

ohh... I though black friday means bad luck day. haha so sorry for those christian. Anyway now i realised it brings that meanings.

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