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Friday, May 2, 2008

Google Update

Google has been very generous to bloggers lately. Yesterday they had an update. Bloggers either got their slapped PRs back or their PR got higher. In my case, google has been good to me for the last 2 updates. On their March update, I got my PR back. After taking away my PR4, they gave me PR2. Then yesterday, it went up to 3.

To all those who got theirs back, to those who got an increase in their PRs, and to those who just got a PR, CONGRATULATIONS! To those who didn't, don't despair.... you'll get yours. :)


Vincent Bautista said...

congratulations to your PR 3! ^_^

I'm still PR 0 though oh well. But at least I'm not despairing over it, Lol!

lira said...


Marie said...

congrats!:) how should I get a higher PR? :) Really got no idea how..Well,Google has been generous really cos I got PR 2, at least..:)

JO said...


I hope I'd get my PR back soon so I could do more problogging.

just blog hopping...

nal3sa said...


just wondering what's PR

Bravespirit said...

Congrats! I just got mine.PR3 to start with.

Little Rianne said...

huhu. i didnt get mine. but like you said, i wont get despaired. i'll just look forward for the next update.

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