A Wonderful Token

Tebinfea gave me this token and I would love to share this with all of you. Thank you so much guys for always visiting me and your kind comments. :)


tahn said...

Hi! You are invited to a focus group discussion (FGD). Tentative Dates would be May 5 (monday) or May 6 (Tuesday). This is to be conducted by a team from dot ph domain(i.ph). FGD will be about the trend of blogging now. We would be discussing what it means to blog in these times and what motivates us as Filipinos to blog. FGD is to be held at Jollibee Plaza, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas at Dot ph domain office. FGD would be after office hours, approximately starting around 630-7pm. Snacks will be provided. Please do email me preferable date so we can finally set it :) We need 12 people for the FGD so please do email me as soon as possible if you can make it. Email address is tahnee.gonzales@yahoo.com. Thanks :)

lira said...

it's pretty!

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