The Urge to Eat More

When you're on a diet, the temptation to eat more is very high, when you're using bigger dinner plates. The bigger the plate and serving utensils, the more you'll dish out. To win over your urge to eat more, use a smaller plate, a salad plate for example. A Smaller spoon or a fork is a good idea too. With beverages, use a tall glass. Studies show that people pour 28% more into short wide glasses than into tall skinny ones.


Tina said...

If i had a small plate i would eat 2 plates cause im a greedy sod. I love my food too much ha ha!

Good tips though m8.

asian massage said...

Great tips. I never think of this before. By using small plates or smaller spoons, I mean we cant hardly realize it right? Really useful tips to help on our diet program.

Jave said...

good tips. pero di ako diet eh! haha,
miss you tita.

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