4 old things...

This fun meme came from a wonderful friend, Max.

Rules: All you do is to look in your home for the oldest objects that you own. Just your own possessions . Then, take a photo of each object, and( if you like ), do a short description of each . Pass on to four friends.


This is a hardanger project I made more than 10 years ago. Since then, I hang this wonderful ornament on our wall every Christmas.

The antique chair that my MIL gave us when hubby and I were married. The chair is older than me. ;)

This classic jewelry box was given to me as a gift when I turned 18. It was given by my mom's Japanese friend.

This is one of my favorite Sidney Sheldon books. It was given by a friend when I was still in high school.

This is a 300 year-old wooden image of San Antonio de Padua. It was a gift to my husband, but now, it's also mine, lol.


Now I would like to see the four oldies of the 4 following friends:






manilenya said...

Talagang maka Sydney Sheldon ka ha :)
feeling ko talaga ang ganda ganda ng bahay nyo :)

yeah, busy nga po lagi akong long day sa trabaho e :( buti nga weekend now kaya lang nakakabato naman kapag weekend kasi wala naman ako magawa dito sa bahay ng uncle ko :(

Tina said...

that was a great meme. I love your antique chair too


I love that book too! The statue and chairs are amazing. I love old things!

Lou said...

Naku Liz, dami mong mga antiques huh! :-)


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Mira said...

Wow, you've got very nice mementos in your baul, lol. The jewelry box looks pretty. I love Sidney Sheldon too. I've read his The Best Laid Plans and Master of the Game.
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monica said...

ganda po nung jewelry box!!! gorgeous!

jennyr said...

wow! those are all cool and memorable stuff Liz! I wish I got tagged with this,hehehe! In case you want another tag, I have a fun one for you at this link!

Filipino in Canada said...

i love your jewelry box!

Max said...

Hey Liza,

Thanks for having participated in this meme!

I loved your oldies!! specially the chair (extraordinary)!! Another beautiful item is the jewellery box :)!

Well done, my friend :D!


nyumix said...

thanks of the tag, Sis..I will let you know when it's up :)

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