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When you need to drive more traffic on your website, you normally sign up on all the blog communities and directories you can find on the web. Being visible in these directories will encourage more people to visit your site. Another important thing about blogging is you also need to be seen and listed on all the major search engines to get ranked.

There are so many blog trafficking sites designed to help your blog grow. I for one, have been listed in many social blogging communities to promote my web site. When I started blogging, I was lucky if I would get 20 visitors in a day. No matter how much I try to publish great and relevant articles, my number of visitors were pretty low, I knew I had to connect with other bloggers. I was committed to promoting my blog. If I'd like to drive traffic to my site, I knew I have to work hard for it. - FREE Blog Roll TEXT Link Exchange.(1:10) is like taking your blog to the next level. It's a free membership site which help bloggers to cross-promote their sites. Here's how it works. When you register (sign up) and add a blog, you will get a HTML CODE. This code will display 10 other different blogs titles on your blog and you will earn 10x impressions after you put the HTML CODE on your blog. You will also get 1:1 click exchange. Meaning, when your visitors click the ad box on your blog , you will credit 1 click and the system will PAY BACK 1 click to you.

This new social network has great features too:

  • 1000 impressions when you sign up.(once you place our html code within 24 hours.)
  • More than 10 different CSS style.
  • Referring other blogs earn you credits.
  • real-time statistics.
  • Targeted traffic! Choose the categories of blogs where you want your text ad to appear.
  • Add free content to your blog, making it more appealing to your readers at no cost to you.
  • Absolutely FREE!

My other blog, Mommy's Little Corner, is already using this service and I am quite impressed with the traffic it's getting. This blog will soon follow.

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