A Hunting He will Go

My husband grew up with guns and hunting has been a part of the family. He used to tell me a lot of his adventures with his dad. They would go up the mountains and hunt for deer and wild boar. Since it's the age of preservation, he had traded his gun for a camera. Technology has advanced at a fast pace, his camera is now outmoded.

Last Sunday, it was Fathers' Day, my kids and I surprised him with a digital trail camera. The camera is highly programmable and can take two photos a second for every second. It has no time out period and produces quality black and white photos. He couldn't believe his eyes when he opened our gift. It has been in his wish list for quite sometime and didn't have the slightest idea that he'll get it this year. He got really excited and set the camera trap in the garden and was able to capture some birds. The photos were amazing!

Now he can't for Saturday to use the deer camera and once again go hunting with his dad.

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