Spreadin' some lovin' kindness...

A new blogging buddy, Mariz, passed this tag to me. Thanks Mariz, you are so sweet.

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Now my turn to spread some love... I'm passing this on to: Amel, Bigeyedgal, Dez, Geng and Nisha.

I hope you keep this meme going and brighten up someone's day...hugs to you all! =). You can get fabulous glitter graphics here or here. Enjoy your day...


ModEraTor said...


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Dez said...

posted it here: http://zedruol.blogspot.com/2008/06/spreadin-some-lovin-kindness.html

Yhanks a lot! :)

nisha said...

Thanks so much liza, for the lovely tag.. i will out up the post soon and tag others too:)

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