It's No Ordinary Phone

Last night, my cousin was telling me about the special telephone with built-in spy bug her husband bought yesterday. I was actually the one who suggested that they should get one because her only daughter has been getting a lot of prank calls from a guy she doesn't even know. The guy has been stalking her. With this phone, they can monitor all the calls and listen to every details from the other line.

We found Phone-007 while searching the web and thought it's perfect. Well, I wasn't wrong. The phone 007 can record every calls made on it, it is a web-connected device, it can also record ambient sounds around it, when phone-007 starts recording, the owner will also get notification sms or notification calls to the number he or she has set. Another great feature is, the owner of the phone can hear the recordings on any computer for free. With this special phone, I'm sure they'll catch the stalker soon.

By the way, Spy phone 007 can also be used to catch a cheating spouse, for parental control, for
employee monitoring, and even long distance baby monitoring. The users users will not be able to notice you are eavesdropping from the web or from other phones. You can get unlimited listen-in from a web service for free.

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Max said...

Hey Liza,

I had already heard about this phone, and I can tell you that if one pays close attention when talking on the phone, one can tell that someone is eavesdropping...however most people ignore the little click sound...


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