The Marmalade

Have you ever wondered how marmalade originated? the Greeks grafted quince and apple stock to produce the "honey apple." The Portuguese called the quince-apple combination a marmelo. The texture of the fruit makes an ideal fruit preserve. They found out that when the fruit was boiled with sugar, it developed into a delicious confection which the Portuguese named by extension, marmelada.

When it was exported to England, it took on the name marmalade. It eventually came to mean any preserved and sweetened fruit.


Adam,the Bee said...

I love mango marmalade!

blogfixes said...

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lira said...

di ko ma to na-try...masubukan nga...

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Max said...

Hey Liza,

This is quite an honour to have Portugal mentioned in your blog :D!
There is only one small correction to be made: we call it "marmelo" (as opposed to "marmalo")- the fruit used to make marmalade!

I hope you had relaxing weekend, darling :D!

Wishing you a great week ahead, I leave you...


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