Need for Speed

My husband has been slowly modifying his “baby”, the Honda Civic. He has replaced the entire exhaust system but still thinks that his car could still go faster. He is now contemplating on installing a universal intercooler system. There are lots of after market turbo kits being sold now but one specific stands out. He stumbled upon the Mishimoto web site, a company that specializes in intercooler turbos. They supply intercoolers from a wide variety of turbos whether it be for big or small turbo applications. A turbo forces more air into combustion system of the car. This process safely gives more power to the engine , thus, giving your car more speed. Their intercooler system is constructed from high grade 6061 aluminum and its impeccable construction is done with a very reliable tig weld. This front mount intercooler has a very sleek and stylish design that would surely fit any vehicle. Intercooler turbo systems are very popular among car tuning fanatics and being a speed freak himself, is dying to have one. It has been in his wish list for such a long time. The intercooler turbo system this company is offering is very competitively priced and he is so glad he can afford it.

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