Wogging to Good Health

Have you heard about wogging? Yes, I spelled it right it's wogging not blogging, lol. Wogging is a word used by some to describe a combination of walking and running or walking and jogging. The word may sound new to us but this form of exercise is not. It is one easy way to take your walking routine to the next level.

Wogging helps you burn more calories, build stronger bones, boost your fitness level and improve your health. It is actually like what kids normally do, they walk for a bit then start to run. A light jog is as easy as walking fast and wearing the right shoes will help your feet absorb shock. I recently purchased a pair of cushioned shoes because it is important for woggers to wear running shoes. I am not a wogger but I'd like to try it since most of my friends have been wogging every afternoon. I was told to buy a pair of running shoes before beginning as running shoes are lighter and can absorb more shock. Tomorrow afternoon, I start wogging. :)

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