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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Chalice

This chalice was passed on to me by el mexicano dude. Thanks dude, you made my day ;)

"I would love to pass on the chalice , that has honed my blog skills and to those others whom i feel will benefit from the holy elixir of blogging from this.These people deserve it , much as the same way i feel , i do :). . ."

Please Pass on the chalice!!!!!

I'm passing this to Max, Ruby and Arlene.



Congratulations on getting the Chalice! Your blogs are great and I always enjoy stopping by and learning so much!

Max said...

Hey Liza,

Congrats for having received the chalice, God knows you deserve it :D!
And thank you for passing it on to me; I feel much honoured *bowing*!

Cheers, dear!

boss65 said...

this is a thing of beauty...your blog is insightful and a god send...keep it up girl

Lucy Lopez said...

What a wonderful idea to pass a chalice! It's lovely that you have received it. May it continue to inspire many!

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