Eat Your Heart Out ESPN

I'm an avid tennis fan, but with my hectic schedule, I couldn't stay glued on tv to watch Wimbledon. Now I don't have to go to the trouble of staying up late or recording the matches I missed. Thanks to MediaZone, who, for the first time partnered with tv and sports networks not only to allow me to watch the matches I've missed but to watch the Wimbledon LIVE. With the internet connection, I can now watch Wimbledon through my laptop. Now I can be updated with the latest results, highlights of the matches and excellent commentary and discussion regarding the players. Move over cable tv... there's a new kid on the block.

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Nathan said...

I actually work for MediaZone and I can say that we are really happy with Wimbledon LIVE this year. It is our third year offering this service and it is getting better every year. We really appreciate your feed back and insight, it helps us know how we are doing. Keep the comments coming!

We also broadcast other events so, if you are a sports fan, be sure to look us up.

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