Get Certified by Cisco

The demand for IT professionals started some years back and hubby took a short course on Information Technology. He was not able to finish the course because something more important came that time that he needed to focus on. He is still aching to finish that course but feels he is too old. I am encouraging him to finish it as no one is never too old to learn.

Our daughter is now in her last year in college and is planning to pursue a course in Information Technology after she graduates. It would be great to have two IT professionals in the family, although hubby is still having second thoughts whether to go with it or not, our daughter is pretty determined to go on and get certified. The demand for IT professionals is continuously growing and more companies, big or small, are seeking for IT graduates.

My cousin suggests both hubby and daughter get a Cisco certification. I have already checked the site, I'm impressed and I'm convinced that for both of them, Cisco it is going to be. The web site is a social learning network, a virtual learning library actually where they can enhance and advance in this career. Joining the community will give them a chance to share their insights, learn more from others, and even take advantage of their great technical resources and online events to help them prepare for their certification exam. A cisco certification will definitely give our daughter, if not my husband, the opportunity to land a better job and shine in this field.

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