Get Your Wii Now

For the past months hubby and I have been desperately looking where we could by a Nintendo Wii for the kids. I have even asked my cousin who works in a toy store in Connecticut to inform us as soon as new units arrive. Tough luck though, it's so hard to get one. Nintendo Wii is such a hit that according to my sister, people literally fight just to get their hands on one.

But now, that's all in the past. You don't have to wait on queue to get one. We've always known Shopwiki as a one stop shop. Here, you can get anything you want. Now, my son's Nintendo Wii is on its way. We don't usually buy him video/computer games but since Nintendo Wii is so different, we decided to go for it. What I like about it is you get to be active, unlike normal computer games where you just sit and play. With Nintendo Wii you play games and sports for real. This breakthrough in gaming will definitely stay for long, I'm sure.

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