Time to Upgrade

I discovered an alternative to your usual sounds. Florida High Definition Radio stations has made a modern breakthrough on technology, now digital signal is added to their AM and FM radio stations. I have to admit, sometimes it gets boring listening to local radio stations and more often than not, they play the same music genres. But with crystal-clear sounds, even the oldest songs would sound great. I'm not into country music myself, but when hubby listened to these new country music stations, this genre suddenly sounded good to me. Even the kids had fun with the Polk Audio I-sonic ES2, they were able to tag their favorite songs and saved them to their ipods. They can grab whatever music they want to listen to over and over again.

But please don't be mistaken, HD Radio system or Digital Radio is not the same with satellite radio. Digital Radio is an attractive alternative to satellite radio, which charges a fee for its use, HD Radio system is offered FREE. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade now for better music and clearer sounds, we just did.

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