I'm Normal Afterall!

Don't ever think that just because you're quirky, you're nuts. Every one of us has this quirkiness inside and according to Readers' Digest's article on Are You Normal or Nuts? "to be human is to be quirky." I came upon one of their psychology articles, the readers send in their questions and ask if their behavior is normal, and this one really caught my attention, let me quote it.

I have to use things until they wear out before getting new ones. It took me seven years to use up 14 bottles of nail polish. I should get a new pair of sandals, but my old ones aren't completely worn-out yet, so I'll wait. My friends tell me this is not normal.

Hmmm, I am exactly like her, not with nail polish though because I always keep my nails free of polishes. But I have to agree with her on shoes and sandals. I'm not much of a fashion girl and I don't usually buy shoes that are "in" so they don't really look out of style. For as long as I'm comfortable, I really don't mind wearing them over and over again. Sometimes my husband would tell me and tease me to use my other shoes because other people might think that's the only pair I have. But I'm glad he doesn't see as weird because I was already beginning to think it's not normal.

The site's answer gave me a sigh of relief. It says that if value something because of utility then that's considered normal, but if you value it so much because you're obsessed to it, this psychological issue needs attention. It's not wrong to be thrifty and comfortable! Especially during this difficult time that we're undergoing economic crisis.

Read about Are You Normal or Nuts? and see which category you belong. Also check out Reader's Digest Laughs, they have the a list of clean and funny jokes that will certainly make your day.


Anonymous said...

your site is interesting to visit!!!!!
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Meg said...

I just read that article last night and realized.... its time fr a yard sale! lol

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