Audi A8

I really don't know much about cars and I don't get to drive a lot either. We only have one car and whenever I go out hubby is with me so he gets to do the driving a lot. But if you were to ask me what type of car I want if I have to buy one, I've always been fascinated with Audi cars particularly the audi a8 series. Don't ask me about car details but just knowing that they are from the Volkswagen Group is enough to convince me that they are fine and of good quality.

Hubby also likes Audis. And if given a chance to own a full size luxury executive car, it's not going to be a Mercedes but an Audi. I have nothing against the Mercedes, they're fine and my parents used to own 2 before. But owning an audi gives you a different high and it makes you different from others if you live here in the Philippines. Only a few people drive an audi here.

If you're looking to buy a new car, only an audi gives you power, performance and luxury all at the same time according to my husband. With the variety of configurations the car offers, the Audi A8 is peerless.

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