Tracking Your Car

GPS or Global Positioning System which was formerly exclusive for government use is now made accessible to the public. Not only does the GPS aid in navigation, it's now being use by car owners to secure their automobiles. Car theft has since been on the rise with carjackers getting bolder. What better way to keep that prized car of yours than to install a vehicle tracking system. Aside from securing your car, your loved ones will also be safe.

Simple car alarms are not sufficient to deter a determined thief. You can also trace where your kids are with this system. Aside from its small size, details such as speed, travel history and even how many stops your vehicle made. With its software, you can even simulate the actual travel of your car. It records the date, time and location of your vehicle.

You can use this device for a wide range of applications. If you own a company with service vehicles, you can record all their travels. Unauthorized usage of you company vehicles can be avoided. It's so accurate with an accuracy of up to 2.5 meters. This handy device uses a USB and is compatible with the very popular Google Earth. Give yourself and your family the peace of mind, get this system now.

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