Off The Menu

Processed meat such as bacon, ham bologna and salami have been strongly linked to bowel cancer along with red meat. Experts recommend that these foods should not be part of your menu. However, they recognized that eating meat is also beneficial. According to them, we need not ban bacon completely as long as we limit the amount we consume to 500 grams of cooked meat a week.

Bacon is not the only culprit in bowel cancer, lifestyle can also be blamed. Lack of exercise, being overweight, and a high-fat, low-veggie diet can also increase the risk. Cancer Research studies show that one in 20 of us will develop the cancer and for those who have a family history and those who are inactive, you might choose to ban processed meat. To help keep cancer at bay, try to be as lean as possible and exercise more.



Excellent information. I try to follow this as much as possible!

Nancy said...

dropping by here..happy weekend!

i officially did stop eating red meat after my major operation that took place last year. Di ko naman sya pinagsisihan... Veggies counts more to me now altho i refused to be considered a vegetarian...

i still love chicken a!

FilmAsia said...

I used to have bacon for my breakfast now I switched to bread and cooked noodles.

Eating the above mentioned food are delicious but facing the cancer danger is real.

As a precautionary method I only consume them once in a while; say once in a month, it can help to reduce the cancer risk significantly.

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