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I am sure many of you love shopping like I do. But to tell you the truth, I am not an impulse buyer. Whenever I shop, I hunt for bargains. With the prices of everything going up, we mommies should be wiser. Believe me, it is so hard to stretch the budget.

I recently stumbled upon the online auctions at where you can bid for items you like. It is like one of those lowest unique bid services, the only difference is it doesn't cost you a penny to bid. You bid for FREE. The only money you will shell out is the bid amount granting you won the bidding. All the items featured on their web site are brand new, you get them straight from the supplier. There is also no need to worry about shipping and handling because most of the time they are included.

Bidding is really easy. All you have to do is pick out an item from their daily auctions list and offer your lowest bid. If you have the lowest unique bid for the day you win instantly. You can bid online on a chosen item, or you can bid using your cellphone. Just create an account by registering your email address, create your own password, and presto! You can start bidding right away. Head on to the web site now for more information and view the fabulous items they have on their list. Register now and start bidding. Who knows? You may be the next lucky winner.

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