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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gum Disease - Pregnancy Link

I have written several articles about gum disease being linked to heart attack but here's another surprising discovery and it concerns pregnant women. Gum disease, according to the article, can also trigger premature birth. Studies show that women with severe gum disease may be two times more likely to have a pre-term baby. Moreover, they may also be at more risk of pre-eclampsia [ a medical condition where hypertension arises]. The experts believe that the bacteria from diseased gums can trigger increases in the levels of compounds that induce labor.



It is amazing to me how so much is connected and about how little I know.

Gin said...

I was just blogging about my toothache...then this...I'm crossing my fingers.


that's for this info, mommy liza :) how are you? it's been awhile...take care!

your "Health Assistant" said...

I have to tell this to my two pregnant officemates this is a good information nice post godbless

Alisha said...


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Empty Streets said...

I love the tiny tidbits and facts you write here. :) will be adding you to my blog roll roster so me and my readers get to see what is currently showing on your side of the world :) Will be dropping by more often. ;)

Empty Streets said...

I just noticed your scroll bar for your linky love on your site, could you teach me how to that too? Cause it was such a hassle when my blog got damaged during a template make over and it was so much work getting all the people i love on the blog world back on my blog roll :)

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