Print Me Up Scotty

My hubby decided to set up a network at home that would create a work station for the entire family. Finally linking our kids' computer to ours. With all the research papers printed almost daily by hubby and my kids, it is more practical to have one printer instead of buying one for each computer. With past experiences and different brands that my hubby has tried, Hewlett Packard has been his favorite choice. We have tried several brands which only proved costly than practical. Hubby finally chose Hewlett Packard inkjet printer. It's had its share of tough work through the years and he finally decided to replace it with a laser one. Of course, a Hewlett Packard too.

First to consider was its ability to be used in a network and its quality prints. We decided to buy the HP LaserJet 4000 (c4118a). It has fantastic features that made it the best choice. Among its qualities are: It is a speedy printer, 17 ppm laser printer that offers fast first page out. It gives you improved image quality for "picture-grade" images. they have the easiest, fastest and most comprehensive software solutions. This versatile printer brings significant technology improvements to work group laser printing. And best of all, it is designed to work with some of the most popular operating systems, including standalone DOS, Windows, Macintosh, and OS2. It is redesigned to work for a long, long time.

For sure, we will have great savings on our printing jobs. With the kind of performance the HP laserjet 4000 delivers, our ink expenses will be greatly lessened. Unlike the inkjet, print quality is different as well as smudging is virtually non-existent. Hp also offers a free starter cartridge for your purchase of the laserjet while supply lasts.

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