Revolutionary Mazda

Mazda came to prominence with its rotary engine. Not only does deliver good performance but power as well. Mazda has since grown and is a contender in the compact sedan and sports car as well. Who would forget the RX-7 and the zippy Miata, an icon in the sports car scene. Mazda now gives you its new boy on the block, the Mazda 3. Its their luxury sedan entry. Its got the looks, the comfort and performance only found in high-end cars.

For their SUV line, they have the CX-7 and CX-9. The CX-7 has a sport-tuned 4-cylinder engine while the CX-9 sports a 6-cylinder power plant. To prove that Mazda is a rising star of the automotive industry, their CX-9 is the SUV of the year. Both models delivers power, comfort and value for money that Mzada has been known for. The CX line which stands for crossover (good for on road and off-road use) was developed with the family in mind. Long trips for the family will be more fun with the CX line.

Import tuning is now a popular scene in the industry. Shows and competitions abound. Mazda now introduces the RX-8. Replacing the RX-7, it now is more sporty, more powerful and very sexy. Without any modification, it is one of the most desired car in the sports category. With its sexy and very sleek design, it looks fast even when standing still. It can comfortably sit four persons with its innovative freestyle doors. It's a coupe and a sedan at the same time.

All these great cars are now in New Hampshire with the opening of the New Mazda Manchester NH. They have a wide array of new and used Mazdas to suit your budget. Enjoy that Mazda experience, come and visit them now.

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