Simply The Best

What makes you stand out? What tells everybody that you're a made man? What's the status symbol for the rich and famous? Of course, no other than a Mercedes Benz. Boasting of an illustrious history and proud German engineering, the Benz is one of the distinguished automobiles out there. The distinctive tri-star mark give one that fulfilled feeling. Getting one is an investment in itself. Their cars actually appreciate with time.

From SUVs to roadsters, name it, they have it. Their SUV or the G-class is being used by military forces around the world. Of course for the more refined SUV, they have the GL and M class. Their S class is the car of choice by presidents around the world. For family use, they have the R and wagon models. The young executives, the CL, CLK and CLS coupe models are models of choice. Now if you're the the kind of guy who loves the wind blowing your hair, then the CLK, SL and SLK will do the jobe. If you're the kind of driver who loves speed and a high performing car to boot, then the SLR is the one for you.

Only the best deserves the best and the New Mercedes DC dealership is the place to be. They offer all the models both new and pre-owned. Of course nothing comes out of their shop without that prestigious Mercedes-Benz certification. Either way, your spanking Benz is well covered.

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