What's your Favorite Sports?

Aside from my family and blogging, bowling is my other passion. It started when my brother came home from Japan. He actually influenced the whole clan (lol) into ten-pin bowling. We were then bowling for fun. I remember... we used to meet on Fridays and bowl girls versus boys. The girls won most of the time.

A few months later, we decided to join the Friday league. As we were beginners and have no real training on bowling, we were throwing straight balls and didn't even have our own bowling balls. We were amazed by how the other bowlers throw their balls, some have small hooks and others have big hooks ( we call them crankers). And beginners that we are, we were always at the bottom come awarding time, even if we had maximum handicaps. :)

I was looking for online sports videos on bowling when I came upon the SportsVids web site. I was hooked on watching Nastia Liukin's highlights video. That girl is really amazing!

nastia liukin - Click here for more sports videos

If you're a sports fanatic like me, SportsVids is well worth a visit. You can find lots of dramatic and breathtaking sports videos to watch or you may want to upload your very own sports clips to share with other sports fanatics. Signing up entitles you to join the contest where you can win great prizes like an XBox 360.

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