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Saturday, September 13, 2008

When does it hurt more?

We may not be aware of it but during menstrual cycle, a woman's perception of pain changes. Around that time a bump or a burn may hurt more. Researchers found that estrogen is vital for regulating the brain's natural ability to suppress pain. Estrogen levels are highest before ovulation and the natural painkilling system of the brain responds more powerfully. It releases chemicals to dampen pain. During the time when estrogen levels falls, the system is less efficient and you tend to feel more pain.


Imelda said...

nice post. . .as always.

emjei said...

Hello, how’s blogging? got a tag for you, be one of the contributors! Please join us - I Feel Okay Tag


I had no idea! How interesting our bodies are!

Nancy said...

Hi mommy Liz...i wanna ask a favor to kindly update my URL. It's now

Thanks a lot and have a goodnight!!

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