Blackjack Stats

Have you ever wondered why blackjack is the most popular card game? Aside from being the most widely played game in casinos all over the world, a player knows that it only takes minutes to learn the game, a few weeks to become really good at it and a lifetime to master it. The Blackjack Data Repository is a free web site that aims to deliver a collection of online blackjack statistics and probabilities. The site teaches you everything from rules to basic strategy and of course, card counting. Every good blackjack player should know how to count the cards.

The tables and charts they provide are designed to answer all blackjack related questions that may arise during a game. It's your only online resource to information, rules and basic strategy. Questions about count, hand, split & win/loss Blackjack percentages, hand worth and frequencies, consecutive losing hours, action, effect of rules on various stats, bankroll excursions, and the like. Blackjack players train to become card counters that is why they have provided a special section on blackjack card counting that teaches methods of gaining advantage once they start playing.

This is a free service from BJStats so make sure you check and read here first before you start playing.

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